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Thank you, and Froge bless the Degeneracy.

Working on Froghand has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. I made myself an identity where people care about me. I made my thoughts known in a way that nobody else has. I earned fans and friends wide and true, and made Neocities my proud place of business. There are few other ways I would have spent the past eight months of my life working on, and given the choice, I don't believe I could think of anything else that would bring me such benefit in mind, body, and spirit.

But now I'm gone for less green pastures, and though my froggy spirit remains, it remains in a different way. I am branching out and creating brand new projects, and most importantly, I'm not doing it alone. I'm making The Degenerates now, an artist's collective whose biggest goal is to made work the world needs most - with honour, respect, and grace. Though by the time this post is published I will be the only Degenerate, I assure you... I am a patient man. Degeneracy is in the hearts of the best artists in the world. They only need to find it.

You will find my flagship project, The 10kb Art Gallery, under this banner, and where you may contact me now. And maybe if you're reading this, I'll have found a new flagship project. That's okay. That's just progress. That won't mean I'm dead though. I'll always have Neocities, I'll always have an e-mail, and you can always just shoot me up and lay my dead ass on the ground to laugh at like the filthy nerd I am. But remember: the more things change, the more they stay the same. The work I've done here for you? It'll always be here for you.

Be sure to check out the Degenerates and 10kB Neocities pages. Of course, mine is dead. See you!

All the Posts:

February 02:

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From the end of days:

The Big Ups & Fuck Yous Archive (December link).

October 26 to Never:

The Runescape Reviews.

The Reviews and Culture Indexes:

January 05:

Fucking Hell it's a simple question: Why does Nintendo hate its audience?

December 26-30:

Public domain! One artist, over 9000 hours! Anime! Sita Sings the Blues Review!

December 14-22:

Eight thousand words about a meme game: The Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie: The Game: The Review.

December 11-12:

Do you ever wonder why people watch bad things? Read Quality and the Now.

December 10:

The most fantastic thing I have ever laid eyes on: Review of an Untitled Masterpiece.

December 03-07:

The land of the unexpected feels: Shitty Vaporwave Indie Game Reviews.

November 27-29:

Hey, kids! Learn to avoid being a lazy pile of ass: The 10X Rule Review.

November 18-23:

This article got the developer to read my blog: The Beginner's Guide Review.

November 17:

There is little incentive to make good games: Dispassion in the Gaming Scene.

October 27 to November 14:

A brief epic about life, the arts, and greatness: The Froge Guide to Writing.

October 20-24:

Very good points about things I'll never buy: Nintendo Switch and Other Such Shit.

October 09-15:

Reviews cut short due to everybody getting drunk: LISA Reviews.

October 06-08:

Learn to live, not to exist: How to Live on 24 Hours a Day Review.

October 05:

An ass blast from the p(ass)t: Picross 3D Review.

October 04:

It's worth it, though it is tough: Writing is Hell.

October 01-03:

Oh man oh jeez what the bloody hell did I get into: Bioshock Infinite Review.

September 20-30:

Why reviewers are unqualified to review: Review of Game Reviewers.

September 19:

Venture forth into the -=VIRTUAL|PLAZA=-: My Dinner with JanusVR.

September 03-18:

Bojack Horseman episodic reviews: Horseman Review Archive.

August 18-September 01:

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya episodic reviews: Haruhi Review Archive.

August 13:

Why gaming is a bit shitty, and why it will get better: State of the Games - 2015.

August 02:

Just like one of my animes: The Cherry Tree High Duo Reviews.

June 13-14:

Watch my soul get sucked through a sippy straw: Yandere Sim Review.

June 02-07:

Learn about Valves destruction of its own industry: The Industrial Steamworks.

The Meta-Texts about the Froge:

November 16:

Welcome to the retrospective of the first six months: The First Quarterly Froge Ball.

October 17:

Some short questions about a big blog: The 10,000 Update Special.

The Web Sec Offensive:

August 03-12:

Learn where to download that good good: Scavenge from the Torrent Wasteland.

June 24-30:

Learn how to be the Ghost in the Web: OPSEC for Online Accounts.

June 19-23:

Protect your hard drive from cops: Veracrypt and the Data Cowboys.

June 15-18:

Talk about d a n k | m e m e s without the NSA snooping you: Secure Comms for the Cool Cunny.

June 10-12:

Compress your audio properly: Audio Codecs for Deff Lads.

June 08-09:

Use torrents without getting arrested: BitTorrent for Babbys.

May 31-June 1:

Make a cooler desktop, be a cooler person: Welcome to the Rice.

May 30:

Stop the feds from snooping your mail: The Great Guide to E-mail Clients.

May 29:

Stop your computer from physical pwn: Welcome to the Heist.

May 28:

Wipe your data CLEAN: Deuce the Hard Disks.

May 24-27:

Your passwords are crackable. Please change them: Master Password and the No Hack Band.

May 21-23:

Learn why closed-source software is like gambling: It's Because I'm Black, isn't it?

May 20:

Don't get arrested for porn: Don't get Caught on that CP.

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