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Known by its dumber name.

The Big Ups and Fuck Yous, known by its dumber name (callback!), BUAFY, is a collection of shout-outs to actions and people deserving of praise, or deserving of condemnation. Published every day, the most recent edition on the front page, it gathers ideas overlooked by other bloggers, either because they don't know how to give a compliment, or because they're too pussimilarious to raise their middle fingers and shove them to their victims.

It demonstrates wisdom, essentially; on one hand, I am grateful that there is good in the world. On the other, I know there is much to improve in it, and so I bring it up to encourage you to not be evil, unlike our monopolistic Google which took a perfectly good motto and raped it, shot it, dismembered it, burned it, shat on the remains, then moved it all into a dumpster where they puked last night's rum and coke into it. The interns didn't get to join. They're slave labour for the aristocracy.

I won't be on Wikipedia (those twats don't think I'm reliable, even after they begged me to donate), but if you want to cite a specific day, click on the section symbol - ยง - and copy the link in your address bar. Or you could just right-click on it and copy the link location. I'm not a bloody strategy guide. If you didn't know how to do it, then why are you poking around here?


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